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Dental Cleaning and Prevention / Dental Sealants in Dublin. OH

Dental Sealants

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At Dublin Dental Care, we place dental sealants to help patients protect their teeth from harmful plaque build up.

Our teeth are constantly under attack from bacteria found in our favorite food and drinks – breads, sugars, sodas, even fruit and vegetables. Chewing surfaces and any teeth with deep grooves are especially susceptible to the effects of plaque build up, as they prove to be surfaces that are harder to clean and maintain.

To help protect your teeth, we might recommend placing dental sealants that act as a special guard against the build up of food and beverage particles. Made of thin plastic, these special caps have many benefits:

Dental sealants are generally recommended for our younger patients. However, we may recommend sealants for adult patients who tend to repeatedly develop cavities. At Dublin Dental Care, our sealants are BPA-free.

Our team is happy to answer your questions about cavities and dental sealants.

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